How much will my bobblehead cost?

Our stock body dolls are $119 without in-process photo proofs (Basic Service) and $139 with in-process proofs.  If you want a custom body hand-sculpted just for your doll, the in-process proofs are included and these dolls are all $189.

A few of the more intricate dolls (car, motorcycle, pet, wedding) are more expensive and in the $199-$299 range.  Deluxe Service is included in the pricing for all of these dolls.

Our in-process photo proofs are $20 extra, or for free if you order 6 or more identical bobbleheads.   This option allows you to review photos of your doll and make corrections until you approve your doll at each stage of the creative process. Premium products - which have fully custom heads and bodies - also allow you to review your in-process dolls for no additional fee.

We offer discounts only if you order 3 or more copies of the same doll; click here for the discount table.

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